In 2009, we broadened our scope beyond grant making to individual organizations. Our first special initiative, Seed Matters, marked our new commitment to play a lead role in launching campaigns that focus on crucial but under-served issues outlined in Our Mission & Priorities.


Over the past 100 years, we’ve lost 75% of our crop genetic diversity. If the planet’s seed heritage continues to be jeopardized, we put at risk our ability to feed communities around the world with nutritious and productive crops.

Seed Matters advocates for the protection and improvement of organic seed by working for policies that:

Conserve crop genetic diversity.

Protect farmers' roles and rights as seed innovators and stewards.

Reinvigorate public seed research and education.

In 2009 we pledged $1 million to protect and improve living seed. We view Seed Matters as the beginning of a new generation of investments that advance our priority goal of creating a robust, healthy food system.

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" Without organic seeds, the full
   potential of our organic future
   is at risk."

Bob Scowcroft, Founding Director
Organic Farming Research Foundation