Our Featured Grantees exemplify vital qualities that we find inspiring: they’re rooted in community, have clearly defined goals and viable plans to realize them, and promote positive change through both their projects and their implementation processes. Each one also addresses two – or more – of our funding priorities.


The Watershed Project inspires communities to understand, protect, and restore the watersheds around San Francisco Bay, one of the world's greatest estuaries, and the most altered aquatic ecosystem in the U.S.

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  • San Francisco Bay is the largest estuary on the West Coast of the U.S., where fresh water from the Central Valley mixes with the salt water from the Pacific.
  • According to the dictionary, the area of land that drains rainwater into a common body of water such as a creek or bay. The S.F. Bay Area Watershed is made up of many small watersheds, and all of the water we use here flows directly to the Bay or the Pacific Ocean.

    But a watershed is something more – the interdependent web of living organisms that inhabit and depend on a shared geographic area for clean soil, air, and water. Everything we do, from mountaintop to marsh, affects the health of local water, soil, air, wildlife, and our families and communities.
  • Love Your Watershed: 10 ways to reduce your plastic footprint.
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  • Love the rain – grow urban gardens to slow the flow of toxins to the Bay.
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  • Volunteer for a monthly workday: clean up the shoreline or restore creek banks. Help bring oysters back to the Bay. Pitch in for international Coastal Clean Up Day. Learn More.

“ In tough economic times, some people give up on smaller organizations, but I believe small organizations can accomplish so much.”

Linda Hunter, Executive Director

"To this day, I say to myself, 'Action, action, action.'"

Location: Richmond, CA