Our Featured Grantees exemplify vital qualities that we find inspiring: they’re rooted in community, have clearly defined goals and viable plans to realize them, and promote positive change through both their projects and their implementation processes. Each one also addresses two – or more – of our funding priorities.


GRID Alternatives installs solar panels for homeowners in low-income communities that are most affected by changing energy prices and least likely to have funds for alternative energy. They also train job seekers and community volunteers to install solar electric systems.

Every Solar Affordable Housing project generates “triple bottom line” results:

  • Long-term financial benefits for low-income families
  • Hands-on experience for local workers in the growing field of solar installation
  • Environmental benefits by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and building support for solar power

Founders Erica Mackie and Tim Sears designed GRID Alternatives to be scalable in response to community need. They're now developing an affiliate model that will allow GRID to expand into other states.

Watch the video and hear their story.

  • Renewable energy in California accounts for less than 20% of all power – and solar is less than 1% – but recent legislation requires that by 2020, renewables must account for 33%.
  • Be part of an installation crew.
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" I wanted to do something with my life that would make a difference. I wanted to come to work everyday and be able to touch and feel that I was doing something right in the world."

Erica Mackie & Tim Sears

Co-founders, GRID Alternatives

Location: Oakland, CA