Our Featured Grantees exemplify vital qualities that we find inspiring: they’re rooted in community, have clearly defined goals and viable plans to realize them, and promote positive change through both their projects and their implementation processes. Each one also addresses two – or more – of our funding priorities.


Farmer-Veteran Coalition helps returning veterans find training and employment on America’s farms. Both veterans and farmers can benefit from working together by growing our green economy, rebuilding our rural communities, and securing a safe and healthy food supply.

Founder Michael O’Gorman advocates for a mentorship model that links veterans with farmers, financial advisers, and other counselors who can assist them in designing business and marketing plans; planting, harvesting, and marketing their first crops; and developing plans for long-term sustainable growth.

Watch the video and hear their story.

  • The average American farmer is between 55 and 58 years old.
  • Two farmers retire for every one entering the field.
  • The percentage of veterans not in the labor force increased from 10% in 2000 to between 15% and 20% today.

Volunteer: FVC needs skilled professionals to mentor veterans in developing individual business, production, and marketing plans:

  • Financial planners, accountants, and others monetary experts
  • Experienced farmers
  • Licensed counselors and other qualified veteran-support staff

“ Clif Bar was our very first funder and that made a huge difference. There was belief in the idea from the beginning, and steadfast support ever since.”

Michael O’Gorman, Founder and Executive

"The military is not for the faint of heart, and farming isn't either."

Location: Davis, CA