Clif Bar Family Foundation supports innovative small and mid-sized groups working to strengthen our food system and our communities, enhance public health, and safeguard our environment and natural resources.


Many of the Foundation’s priorities are deliberately interconnected. These connections enable us to achieve a core set of goals through numerous routes. By addressing one of our priorities, we can advance efforts in one or more of our other priority areas, leveraging the Foundation’s resources in the process. For example:

A healthier food system improves our air and water quality, creates safer communities and fights climate change by keeping carbon and nitrogen in the soil and reducing the use of petrochemical-based farm inputs.

Preserving our wild, open places offers us opportunities for vigorous outdoor activity in clean air and water without leaving a large footprint on the land.

Reducing waste and advancing renewable energy conserves resources, reduces the threat of climate change, improves air and water quality, and creates green businesses and jobs.

Identifying environmental sources of chronic illnesses, such as breast cancer, can pave the way for action to shift toward organic farming and reduce our reliance on nonrenewable, polluting fossil fuels.

Bike and pedestrian routes build stronger, healthier communities by creating more green jobs and reducing traffic congestion, carbon emissions, and air pollution.